NEWS - Sustainable Development Goals

In the 2020 season
Because of the Covid-19 shutdown, the establishment of the area with the 17 World Goals has unfortunately not been completed. We expect to start construction soon.
De 17 Verdensmål
Come and learn about UN´s 17 sustainable development goals at the World Map! We are opening a whole new area in 2020 - here you can learn about sustainable initiatives and get a visual climate eye-opener. Learn more about the UN's 17 sustainable development goals as we focus on sustainability and pollution in our oceans. Here you will find a 5 x 7 meter pool model with the world map floating in between a visualization of the five largest plastic soups found in the world seas.
In connection with this, we have, during the high season, a workshop where the children can build small boat models of recycled materials, because "even if it was scrap - we can make it beautiful”. We can have a talk about WHAT and how much we actually throw away while you build and decorate your boat. Afterwards, you can check your boat's seaworthiness as you launch it into the bassin.  
De 17 Verdensmål afstemning
At the exhibition you will also be asked to consider YOUR TAKE on sustainability. We ask you to participate in a vote about which of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals is most important to YOU. This vote makes people think and, more importantly, talk about sustainability - across generations and borders.
The 17 sustainable development goals have also been transformed into cubes with information and challenges - and then spread across the park as an activity center where you can play while learning - an exciting and fun experience with information and sustainability at the forefront.   Book your tickets today so you can visit the World Map's new area in season 2020!


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