Party Menu

When you buy a three-course menu for minimum 20 persons, the tickets to the World Map are included, in the opening season only - however, you may not arrive until an hour before your party starts.

If you buy less than 20 menus, the price is added 10% per head.

Menu Suggestions (Buffet)


- 2 types of meat; fillet steak, fillet of veal, lamb chop, turkey breast, chicken breast, kangaroo, roasted pork, loin ribs, tenderloin, beef stroganoff , veal ragout or duck breast . 

- 2 types of potatoes: cream baked potatoes, roasted potatoes with different types of spices, ½ baked potato, “rösti” or potato paté. 

- 3 types of mixed salad: salad of rice, French salad with beans, feta and olives, pasta salad, arugula with melon or tomato salad (varied due to time of year). 

- Home-made baguettes. DESSERT (CHOOSE FROM THE MENU) 

Minimum 20 persons
2 courses
DKK. 352,-
3 courses
DKK. 394,-
Additional purchase of third type of meat per person
DKK. 23,-


Choose one from categories 1, 2 or 3
Category 1 
1. 2 tartlets with chicken and asparagus filling. 
2. Chicken- or beef soup with herbs, quenelles, dumplings and homemade flutes. 
3. Potato- and leek soup with crispy bacon and vegetables, homemade flutes 
4. Tuna fish plate with shrimps and dressing, homemade flutes.
DKK. 65,-
Category 2
5. Shrimp cocktail with asparagus, caviar and dressing, homemade flutes. 
6. Mousse of tuna with shrimps and dressing, decorated with lemons, cucumber and tomato, homemade flutes. 
7. Hot smoked salmon with asparagus and green salad, homemade flutes. 
8. Tuna fish plate, shrimps and dressing, homemade flutes. 
9. Smoked salmon with roulade of spinach, dill dressing and homemade flutes. 
10. Salmon terrine with white wine steamed fish, shrimps and dressing.
DKK. 78,-
Category 3 
11. Fish symphony: 3 variations of fish and seafood on a bed of salad. Dressing and homemade flutes. 
12. Salmon pie with shrimp filling, decorated with caviar, eggs, tomatoes and cucumber. 
13. Classic "Stjerneskud": Crispy puff pastry with fish fillets, shrimps and lobster sauce.
DKK. 92,-

Main Course

Choose one from categories 1, 2 or 3
(Categories 1 and 2 with potatoes of your choice)
Category 1 
1. Roasted pork (Danish style), ½ apple with redcurrant jelly, red cabbage, caramelized potatoes and gravy. 
2. Glazed ham or spice ham, mixed salad and dressing. 
3. Traditional roast beef with sweet/sour, glazed onions and beans with bacon. 
4. Split peas with pork, Danish pork sausage, bread, mustard and beets. 
5. Meatloaf with glazed onions, baby carrots, Waldorf salad and lingonberry jam.
DKK. 164,-
Category 2 
6. "Husar" roast, filled pork neck filet, baby carrots and peas, sauce, mixed salad and dressing. 
7. Lamb chop roasted with spices, beans, mixed salad, feta cheese and mint gel.
8. Pork loin with Waldorf salad, beans and lingonberry. 
9. Roasted beef fillet with roasted mushrooms, glazed onions and beans. Mixed salad and dressing.
DKK. 184,-
Category 3 
10. Roasted tenderloin with roasted potatoes, oven baked root vegetables and mushroom sauce.
DKK. 208,-

Optional potatoes

Category 3 
1. White potatoes. 
2. Small roasted potatoes. 
3. Potatoes baked in cream sauce with vegetables. 
4. Potato paté with herbs. 
5. 1/2 baked potato.


Choose one from categories 1, 2 or 3
Category 1 
1. Homemade icecream with fruit sauce. 
2. Fromage: (lemon, strawberry or pineapple) with fruit sauce. 
3. "Fløderand" (Cream pudding) with fruit sauce.
DKK. 65,-
Category 2 
4. Fruit salad with whipped cream. 
5. Cheese cake with cherries. 
6. 2 types of homemade icecream with fruit sauce. 
7. Mixed canned fruit with vanilla cream or sour cream with vanilla.
DKK. 78,-
Category 3 
8. Rubinstein cake. 
9. Canned pear with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla parfait.
10. Cavalcade of desserts: 3 Different types of home-made ice cream with fruit puré and the World Map's chocolate cake. 
11. Cake table (5 - 6 types of cakes).
DKK. 92,-

Coffee and Tea

Coffee/Tea per person
DKK. 35,-
Coffee/Tea and cookies per person
DKK. 44,-
Coffee/Tea with cookies and kransekage (marzipan cake) per person
DKK. 58,-
Cognac, Contreau, Balieys
DKK. 40,-
Port, Sherry, Liquer, Schnapps
DKK. 30,-

Midnight snack

(Choose one) 
1. Clear soup with quenelles, dumplings and flutes. 
2. Asparagus soup with quenelles and flutes. 
3. Hotdogs/sausages and bread: Danish boiled red sausages. (Pan fried sausages: 76,-) 
4. Cold cuts - and cheese platter with warm homemade buns. (DKK. 76,-) 
5. 2 tartlets with chicken meat and asparagus sauce. 
6. Danish omelet with crispy bacon, beets, mustard and rye bread. 
7. Homemade Danish meatballs and potato salad with beets and rye bread.
 8. Sandwich with 3 different types of filling. 
9. Danish "Biksemad" with beets, fried egg and rye bread. 
10. Different types and cheese and warm, home-made buns (DKK. 76,-)
DKK. 72,-

Coffee and Homemade cakes

Kringle, layer cake, and cookies
DKK. 84,-
½ bun with butter, kringle, layer cake, and cookies
DKK. 94,-
½ bun with butter, layer cake, and cookies
DKK. 82,-
Layer cake and cookies
DKK. 72,-
½ bun with butter and cookies
DKK. 62,-
Kringle and cookies
DKK. 68,-
DKK. 62,-
2 x ½ white bread or rye bread with cold cuts or cheese
DKK. 88,-
1½ bread roll + tray of cold cuts (rolled meat, salami, cheese and jam)
DKK. 88,-
At additional cost: ½ slice Danish bread or rye bread with 2 pcs. cold cuts
DKK. 20,-

Please note

Children 2 – 6 years, half price per setting.

If setting is cancelled on the day, full payment.

If stting cancelled 1 – 3 days before the ordered party day, half price.

Please confirm the number of table settings, one week in advance, the least.

Please note:

A feast with 2 courses + coffee: duration 6 hours. DKK. 400,- for every additional hour.

A feast with 3 courses + coffee + late night snack: duration 8 ½ time. DKK. 400,- for every additional 30 minutes.

Wait at table + DKK. 15,- per. Person.

Cash payment, on the day of the party. (Only cash or Visa Dankort)


Søren Poulsens Vej 5 9500 Hobro
Tlf.: +45 9854 6132

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