The history behind The World Map

- Once the water was gone, the rest went like a breeze!

The creator of the World Map, Søren Poulsen, was born in 1888 in Denmark. After spending many years in America, he returned to his hometown where he took over his childhood home at Klejtrup Lake. One day, when the surrounding meadows were to be watered down, a stone very similar of Jutland emerged. That was when Søren Poulsen got the idea to build his own little world… With primitive aids, large stones were moved out on the ice in winter and placed. When spring came, the stones could be tilted into place and slowly the world map took shape …
Danmark på Verdenskortet
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Take the family on a trip around the world 

Experience the whole world in mini-edition with lakes, rivers and mountain ranges ... Widespread as an atlas, the World Map lies on the shores of Klejtrup lake, with lovely green areas and a park with cute pet animals, bouncy cushions, a fun maze, a treasure hunt and much more. ..
FAMILY is an important word at the World Map. We want to create an area with space for all families - here the focus is on presence, experiences and joy.
Every season we try to create the feeling of being present with of each and every one of our guests.

This is very important to us and you can be sure to meet one of the family's many happy faces every time you visit us. Whether it is in the park, on the world map, in the kitchen or in the entrance hall to welcome you, the family will always be there to make sure that you have a great day on the World Map.

All our exhibitions and activities are also made under a common slogan that is
FUN - PLAY AND LEARNING. These words are our core and ensure that everything we do creates presence, experiences, knowledge and of course lots of good laughs.

The family behind The World Map

The world map has been a family owned attraction since the beginning. The operation of the whole world has been passed down from generation to generation, from Søren Poulsen to the present, where the World Map has been in the family for 3 generations.   In 1969, Søren Poulsen's adventure ends. His nephew, Helge Poulsen and his wife Othilde Poulsen, took over his world and continued his life's work and visions in the years following his death.   In 1998, they passed the baton on to their youngest daughter, Lisbeth Cassøe and her husband Flemming Cassøe, who to this day continue to have - and continue to develop - the family's legacy.   These years, the 4th generation is preparing to take over the business. The son of Lisbeth and Flemming, Søren Vejle-Cassøe, is getting ready to take over the family attraction soon.

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