In the Park

You can find many activities in our cozy park. We have activities for both children and adults. In the park, you will find cute pet animals, mini-golf, bouncy pillows, and a maze. We have room for the whole family, so bring a food basket and enjoy our beautiful park or dine in our cafeteria with a wonderful and mixed selection. You can even borrow a grill for barbecuing or order our delicious barbecue menu where we provide food and service.
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Søren Poulsen - historien bag verdenskortet

The history of The World Map

Hear about the origin of the World Map, and how the creator, Søren Poulsen, suddenly got the idea to build the whole world in Klejtrup Lake. You can find the whole story about Søren Poulsen and the World Map in our listening post on the World Map.

Opening hours

Here you will find our opening hours for the season 2020. The world map opens the attraction for guests on April but we are opened all year for meetings, events and parties. During the high season (summer) we have longer opening hours, so be sure to check when the park opens before driving to Klejtrup.
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verdens kortet barn voksen

Buy tickets

Plan your trip from home and print your tickets before visiting the World Map. The line for tickets will move faster, so you can get to the fun parts much faster. Psst. Sometimes we have great deals on tickets or one of our evenings with great homemade food.

Eating in the park

For us at The World Map it is all about creating a unforgettable and wonderful day for our guests. Thats is why we have created a cozy environment for you and your familily to relax in completely. Therefore, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to enjoy in the park among our many animals. you can ven borrow a grill to cook your own food, or order our delicious grill-menu, where we will provide food and service. It doesn't get any easier than that.
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Klassetur til Verdenskortet

The cafeteria

It is easy to visit the World Map. You really don´t need to plan a picnic or the coffee break.. our cozy café offers a delicious selection of food. Here you and the family can take a break from all the fun in the park and enjoy one of our world menus or an ice cream with a world-class view. You can also enjoy the food on our brand new terrace right by the World Map next to the Pacific Ocean.

The 17 UN world goals

At the World Map, we combine play and learning, which is why we in season 2020 expand our area. Now you can experience the UN's 17 Sustainable World Goals, where we talk about sustainability, pollution and much more. We put the world's plastic problems at eye level with our new basin, where the whole world is illustrated with plastic soups. Here, the children can also build boats of recycled materials – and then they can be launched in the basin.
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Entrébillet til Verdenskortet for 1 voksen


Here you can read more about our prices for the season 2020. We have tickets for adults, children and not least group prices for groups of min. 20 guests. You can also buy season tickets for our new season, for only 20 kr. on top of a day's ticket. Order now!


At the World Map you can find lots of exciting souvenirs and other fun things. Soon you can also find all this and much more at our web shop – it will be stocked with unique World maps and much more. Check it out!
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Søren Poulsen, skaberen af Verdenskortet ved Klejtrup sø

Discover the area

We appreciate our guests and would like to help you as best as possible to make your way around the  Danish countryside. The world map is located in the middle of an area full of experiences and accommodation. And you can check them out right here!

Fun tasks/listening posts

Download our fun tasks and test your knowledge of the whole world. We have tasks for both children and adults. Print them at home or ask for them at our store - free of charge. You can also hear the whole story about Søren Poulsen and the World Map.


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Tlf.: +45 9854 6132

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