We love the green...

Wander through our beautiful grove toward the World Map and read our new information signs about the world.

Be careful - don't get lost!

- or don't worry - we'll find you! Try our new, intricate maze for the whole family.

Listening post

Now you can hear the story about Søren Poulsen's World Map
at our new listening post and information pavilion.

Learn how it all started, and how much work it took to create the World.

Here you can beat your family...

- if you don't miss 18 holes!

At the World Map, we have 18 holes miniature golf course, where you can challenge your family and friends.


In summer, you can enjoy a boat trip in the Pacific Ocean.
Although the waves sometimes goes high, the water is of low-level, so even the youngest children can participate.

Hold your horses...

Come pet our horses, or some of our other cute animals!

In the summertime, you can ride one of our ponies, or go by our horse carriages.

The goats also like to be cuddled, and they are waiting for you.

Send your teacher to Africa

- or the North Pole or Borneo or ...?

Go outside with your geography class, and you can travel around the world for a day. Here you can see, where India is located, how big Sahara actually
is, and how the Turkish flag looks. Jump from Denmark
to Peru or run straight through Europe!
If you want to know more, please call or send us an email.

Go wild

Jump high and watch the world from above!
If you can keep your balance...

Old games and plays...

We have a box of props to old games and plays ready for you - Viking games, stilts, ”walk
to Iceland for herrings”, boot throwing , pull sticks, horseshoe throwing, "Palle poke your eye out", mikado, petanque and croquette.


Søren Poulsens Vej 5 9500 Hobro
Tlf.: +45 9854 6132
Mail: info@verdenskortet.dk

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