The world happened by accident…

- Once the water was gone, the rest went like a game!

The creator of Verdenskortet, Søren Poulsen, was born in 1888 in Denmark. After a time in America, he returned to his home region, where he took over his childhood home at Klejtrup Lake. When it was time to drain the surrounding meadows, a stone, that looked very much like Jutland, appeared.
That gave Søren Poulsen the idea of building his own little world ...
With primitive tools, large stones were moved out on the ice in the winter and placed to look like the world. When spring came, they tilted the stones into place, and slowly the World Map took its shape ...

Bring your family around the world…

Discover the world in a mini version with lakes, rivers and mountain ranges ...
Widespread as an atlas, Verdenskortet lies at the shores of the lake with beautiful green open spaces...

Enjoy your packed lunch in the countryside or buy lunch at Glaspavillonen!

Facts about Verdenskortet

Verdenskortet was built by Danish-American Søren Poulsen in the years 1944-69.

Dimensions of the map are 45 x 90 meters.

One latitude of 111 km is equivalent to 27 cm on the map.

To better see the distance between countries, the northern hemisphere is marked in 2 places, since a ball is difficult to flatten out.

The equator is marked with red stakes.


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Tlf.: +45 9854 6132

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